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TV shows Karin + Bryan are currently watching together:
the daily show
The Daily Show

(watched seasons 6 - 16 & 20 - 21 episode 22, currently watching season 29 - mondays only)

last week tonight
Last Week Tonight

(watched seasons 1 - 10, currently watching season 11)


(watched seasons 1 - 2, currently watching season 3)

the simpsons
The Simpsons

(watched seasons 1 - 26, currently watching season 27)

twelve monkeys
Twelve Monkeys

(currently watching season 1)

TV shows Karin + Bryan recently finished watching together:

(watched season 1, finished 04/28/2024, waiting for broadcast of season 2)


(watched seasons 1 - 5, finished 04/14/2024, waiting for broadcast of season 6)

96th academy awards
96th Academy Awards

(finished 03/13/2024)

good omens
Good Omens

(watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 02/22/2024, waiting for broadcast of season 3)

wolf like me
Wolf Like Me

(watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 02/09/2024, waiting for broadcast of season 3)

our flag means death
Our Flag Means Death

(watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 01/30/2024)


(watched season 1, finished 01/16/2024, waiting for broadcast of season 2)

the gilded age
The Gilded Age

(watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 01/02/2024, waiting for broadcast of season 3)

star trek: lower decks
Star Trek: Lower Decks

(watched seasons 1 - 4, finished 01/01/2024, waiting for broadcast of season 5)

Movies Karin + Bryan recently saw together:
jerry lee lewis: trouble in mind
in restless dreams: the music of paul simon

(03/08/2024 netflix)

may december
May December

(03/04/2024 netflix)

the zone of interest
poor things
Poor Things


the after
The After



(03/01/2024 netflix)

nǎi nai & eài pó
Nǎi Nai & Wài Pó

(03/01/2024 disney+)

the abcs of book banning
The ABCs Of Book Banning

(03/01/2024 paramount+)

the last repair shop
The Last Repair Shop

(02/29/2024 disney+)

past lives
Past Lives

(02/25/2024 paramount+)


(02/24/2024 netflix)

american fiction
American Fiction


robot dreams
Robot Dreams


star wars: rogue one
Star Wars: Rogue One

(01/20/2024 blu-ray)

Concerts and plays Karin + Bryan recently attended together:
Print magazines to which Karin + Bryan currently subscribe:

(no expiration)

consumer reports
Consumer Reports

(expired 03/2024)

costco connection
Costco Connection

(expired 01/2024)

disney twenty-three
Disney Twenty-Three

(renews 05/2024)


(expired 03/2024)


(expired 02/2024)

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Books Karin is currently reading:
duke: a life of duke ellington
pain drives change
Pain Drives Change by Damon Stoddard
Books Karin recently finished reading:
lovers at the museum
Lovers At The Museum by Isabel Allende

(finished on Kindle 03/16/2024)

the monstrous misses mai
The Monstrous Misses Mai by Van Hoang

(finished on Kindle 03/10/2024)

the day before the revolution
The Day Before The Revolution by Ursula LeGuin

(finished on Kindle 03/02/2024)

Blank by Zibby Owens

(finished on Kindle 02/20/2024)

the salt fields
The Salt Fields by Stacy D. Flood

(finished on Kindle 02/17/2024)

the real deal
The Real Deal by Caitlin Devlin

(finished on Kindle 01/10/2024)

Bloodchild by Octavia E. Butler

(finished on Kindle 01/02/2024)

TV shows Karin is currently watching:

(watched season 1, currently watching season 2)

the jeffersons
The Jeffersons

(watched seasons 1 - 8, currently watching season 9)

little america
Little America

(currently watching season 1)

TV shows Karin recently finished watching:
Movies Karin recently saw:
the teachers' lounge

(02/23/2024 blu-ray)

the holdovers
The Holdovers

(02/17/2024 peacock)

good will hunting
Good Will Hunting

(01/15/2024 blu-ray)

the fisher king
The Fisher King

(01/14/2024 blu-ray)

Concerts Karin recently attended:
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Books Bryan is currently reading:
the golden grove
The Golden Grove by Nancy Kress
Books Bryan recently finished reading:
TV shows Bryan is currently watching:
south park
South Park

(watched seasons 1 - 21, currently watching season 22)

TV shows Bryan recently finished watching:
Movies Bryan recently saw:
mission impossible: dead reckoning, part 1
duck soup
Duck Soup


mission impossible: fallout
Mission Impossible: Fallout

(04/10/2024 paramount+)

mission impossible: rogue nation
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

(04/08/2024 paramount+)

mission impossible: ghost protocol
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

(04/06/2024 paramount+)

mission impossible 3
Mission Impossible 3

(04/05/2024 paramount+)

city lights
City Lights

(04/05/2024 blu-ray)

mission impossible 2
Mission Impossible 2

(04/02/2024 paramount+)

mission impossible
Mission Impossible

(04/01/2024 paramount+)

the wonderful story of henry sugar
a kiss before dying
mission impossible: dead reckoning, part 1
the creator
The Creator

(03/25/2024 hulu)

all about eve
All About Eve


20 days in mariupol
the best years of our lives
The Best Years Of Our Lives

(03/14/2024 amazon prime)

anatomy of a fall
Anatomy Of A Fall


the teachers' lounge
the holdovers
The Holdovers

(02/16/2024 peacock)

chasing amy
Chasing Amy


dumb money
Dumb Money


gosford park
Gosford Park


the long goodbye
The Long Goodbye


the last waltz
The Last Waltz

(01/12/2024 kanopy)

the man who would be king
Video games Bryan is currently playing:
walkabout mini golf
Walkabout Mini Golf

(last played on Valve Index 03/04/2024)


(last played on PC 02/18/2024)

Video games Bryan recently played:
sokobond express
Sokobond Express

(last played on Steam Deck 03/17/2024)

Bryan's past film projects:
Hi Russian Vine Disparity Snow
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