Karin + Bryan's
Cat Ellie

ellie remembered

Ellie was her name, but we often called her "Miss Ellie". She died at the age of 15 from Chronic Kidney Disease after living with us for 11 years. We adopted her at age 4 from the Seattle Humane shelter in Bellevue, WA in 2006 to be a companion for our first cat H.I. McDunnough. Hi died just before we bought our first house, so that made Ellie our little zHome mascot. She'd been with us every moment we'd lived here. We miss you, Ellie!

ellie on stuffed animal wall

Ellie enjoys a favorite spot among Karin's stuffed animals.

ellie sniffs the air

Ellie would join Karin on our deck and sniff the air.

ellie upside down

Ellie sleeps.

ellie last day

Ellie on the last day of her life.

Links about Ellie:
Ellie's Vet Clinic: Alpine Animal Hospital
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