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TV shows Karin + Bryan finished watching together in 2021:
the wheel of time
The Wheel Of Time (watched season 1, finished 12/23/2021, waiting for broadcast of season 2)
the morning show
The Morning Show (watched season 1 - 2, finished 11/22/2021, waiting for broadcast of season 3)
squid game
Squid Game (watched season 1, episodes 1 -5, finished 11/12/2021)
brooklyn nine-nine
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (watched seasons 1 - 8, finished 09/29/2021)
master of none
Master Of None (watched seasons 1 - 3, finished 09/07/2021)
the kominsky method
The Kominsky Method (watched seasons 1 - 3, finished 08/06/2021)
Roseanne (re-watched season 10, finished 06/08/2021)
the path
The Path (watched season 1, episodes 1 - 3, finished 06/02/2021)
Ramy (watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 05/12/2021, waiting for broadcast of season 3)
mr. robot
Mr. Robot (watched seasons 1 - 4, finished 05/07/2021)
russian doll
Russian Doll (watched season 1, finished 02/12/2021, waiting for broadcast of season 2)
Homecoming (watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 02/06/2021, waiting for broadcast of season 3)
Dickinson (watched season 1, episodes 1 - 4, finished 01/23/2021)
state of the union
State Of The Union (watched season 1, finished 01/17/2021)
history of swear words
History Of Swear Words (watched season 1, finished 01/15/2021)
schitt's creek
Schitt's Creek (watched season 1 - 6, finished 01/12/2021)
Movies Karin + Bryan saw together in 2021:
Cabaret (12/30/2021)
india sweets and spices
India Sweets And Spices (12/29/2021 amazon prime)
Pig (12/29/2021 hulu)
Scrooged (12/28/2021)
the man who invented christmas
the bishop's wife
The Bishop's Wife (12/24/2021 amazon prime)
couples retreat
Couples Retreat (12/18/2021)
the hustler
The Hustler (12/16/2021)
home for the holidays
Home For The Holidays (11/25/2021 kanopy)
Dune (11/02/2021 hbo max)
little shop of horrors
Little Shop Of Horrors (10/06/2021 hbo max)
Mank (10/02/2021 netflix)
Gigi (09/29/2021)
st. elmo's fire
St. Elmo's Fire (08/11/2021)
bullets over broadway
Bacurau (07/07/2021 criterion channel)
knives out
Knives Out (06/19/2021)
portrait of jennie
Portrait Of Jennie (06/13/2021)
Ladyhawke (06/05/2021)
friends: the reunion
Friends: The Reunion (05/28/2021 hbo max)
promising young woman
Minari (04/09/2021)
Nomadland (03/26/2021 hulu)
coming to america
Coming To America (03/05/2021 amazon prime)
Vivarium (03/04/2021 amazon prime)
the midnight sky
The Midnight Sky (03/01/2021 netflix)
double wedding
Double Wedding (02/27/2021)
libeled lady
Libeled Lady (02/20/2021)
pride & prejudice
Pride & Prejudice (02/15/2021)
i love you again
I Love You Again (02/14/2021)
the great ziegfeld
The Great Ziegfeld (02/13/2021)
the trial of the chicago 7
The Trial Of The Chicago 7 (02/07/2021 netflix)
evelyn prentice
Evelyn Prentice (01/23/2021)
manhattan melodrama
Manhattan Melodrama (01/17/2021)
song of the thin man
ma rainey's black bottom
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (01/16/2021 netflix)
the thin man goes home
the wolf man
The Wolf Man (01/09/2021)
shadow of the thin man
another thin man
Another Thin Man (01/02/2021)
beauty and the beast
Beauty And The Beast (01/01/2021 disney+)
Concerts and plays Karin + Bryan attended together in 2021:
crowded house: live from the island
Crowded House: Live From The Island (06/12/2021 crowdedhousestream.com)
Print magazines to which Karin + Bryan subscribed in 2021:
karin's head


Books Karin finished reading in 2021:
a note of madness
A Note Of Madness by Tabitha Suzuma (finished on Kindle 12/22/2021)
the lucy variations
The Lucy Variations by Sara Zarr (finished on Kindle 12/19/2021)
tone deaf
Tone Deaf by Olivia Rivers (finished on Kindle 12/16/2021)
mansfield park
Mansfield Park by Jane Austen (finished on Kindle 12/05/2021)
sense and sensibility
Sense And Sensibility by Jane Austen (finished on Kindle 11/06/2021)
pride and prejudice
Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen (finished on Kindle 10/21/2021)
the vanishing half
The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett (finished on Kindle 09/25/2021)
sailor on snowshoes
Sailor On Snowshoes by Dick North (finished 08/15/2021)
the great influenza
The Great Influenza by John M. Barry (finished on Kindle 08/15/2021)
the piano practice physician's handbook
The Piano Practice Physician’s Handbook by Nicola Cantan (finished on Kindle 08/10/2021)
tune it out
Tune It Out by Jamie Sumner (finished on Kindle 06/05/2021)
Olive Again by Elizabeth Strout (finished on Kindle 04/18/2021)
the cricket in times square
The Cricket In Times Square by George Selden (finished 04/03/2021)
a street cat named bob
A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen (on Kindle) (finished 01/14/2021)
TV shows Karin finished watching in 2021:
Angel (re-watched seasons 1 - 5, finished 12/12/2021)
buffy the vampire slayer
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (re-watched seasons 1 - 7, finished 09/02/2021)
xena: warrior princess
Xena: Warrior Princess (watched seasons 1 - 6, finished 08/11/2021)
king of the hill
King Of The Hill (watched seasons 1 - 13, finished 06/20/2021)
Roseanne (re-watched seasons 1 - 9, finished 05/31/2021)
Beartown (watched seasons 1, finished 03/27/2021)
Movies Karin saw in 2021:
the addams family
The Addams Family (04/17/2021 hulu)
enola holmes
Enola Holmes (03/04/2021 netflix)
destination wedding
Destination Wedding (02/28/2021 hulu)
a street cat named bob
A Street Cat Named Bob (01/16/2021 amazon prime)
Moonstruck (01/12/2021 blu-ray)
Concerts Karin attended in 2021:
bryan's head


Books Bryan finished reading in 2021:
TV shows Bryan finished watching in 2021:
the beatles: get back
The Beatles: Get Back (watched season 1, finished 12/20/2021)
squid game
Squid Game (watched season 1, finished 12/01/2021, waiting for broadcast of season 2)
Mars (watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 11/06/2021)
Movies Bryan saw in 2021:
12 angry men
12 Angry Men (12/23/2021 amazon prime)
the color of money
The Color Of Money (12/21/2021)
jacob's ladder
Jacob's Ladder (12/08/2021 blu-ray)
fight club
Fight Club (11/24/2021 blu-ray)
pump up the volume
Pump Up The Volume (11/10/2021 blu-ray)
Shane (10/27/2021 amazon prime)
the last temptation of christ
The Last Temptation Of Christ (10/20/2021 blu-ray)
wings of desire
Wings Of Desire (09/15/2021 blu-ray)
to kill a mockingbird
Maniac (09/01/2021 amazon prime)
escape room
Escape Room (08/25/2021)
dont breathe
Don't Breathe (08/18/2021)
the stepford wives
The Stepford Wives (08/11/2021)
logan's run
Logan's Run (08/04/2021 blu-ray)
mulholland drive
Mulholland Drive (07/28/2021 hbo max)
my bodyguard
My Bodyguard (07/21/2021)
the strangers
The Strangers (07/14/2021)
borat subsequent moviefilm
Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (07/02/2021 amazon prime)
Borat (06/30/2021)
dick johnson is dead
Dick Johnson Is Dead (06/22/2021 netflix)
brimstone & treacle
Brimstone & Treacle (06/16/2021 dvd)
the witch
The Witch (06/09/2021 kanopy)
Darling (06/02/2021 criterion channel)
Snowpiercer (05/26/2021 netflix)
the beach house
The Beach House (05/18/2021)
midnight cowboy
Midnight Cowboy (05/12/2021)
scare me
Scare Me (05/05/2021 amazon prime)
sea fever
Sea Fever (04/27/2021 hulu)
1BR (04/21/2021 netflix)
Host (04/14/2021)
lost highway
Lost Highway (03/24/2021)
Relic (03/17/2021)
Snatchers (03/10/2021 hbo max)
the invisible man
The Invisible Man (02/24/2021 hbo max)
invasion of the body snatchers
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (02/17/2021 blu-ray)
inland empire
Inland Empire (02/10/2021)
werewolf of london
Werewolf Of London (01/30/2021)
rock hudson's home movies
Rock Hudson's Home Movies (01/27/2021 kanopy)
Tenet (01/20/2021 blu-ray)
let there be light
Let There Be Light (01/20/2021)
let the right one in
Let The Right One In (01/20/2021 hulu)
Video games Bryan played in 2021:
the pedestrian
The Pedestrian (finished on PC 08/23/2021)
paper beast
Paper Beast (finished on Valve Index 08/22/2021)
trover saves the universe
Trover Saves The Universe (finished on Valve Index 06/09/2021)
red matter
Red Matter (finished on Valve Index 05/29/2021)
half-life: alyx
Half-Life: Alyx (finished on Valve Index 05/22/2021)
divinity: original sin 2
Divinity: Original Sin 2 (finished on PC 03/07/2021)
Gorogoa (finished on Android Phone 01/17/2021)
lara croft go
Lara Croft Go (finished on Android Phone 01/03/2021)
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