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TV shows we are currently watching:
Colony (watched season 1, currently watching season 2)
last week tonight
Last Week Tonight (watched seasons 1 - 6, currently watching season 7)
the office uk
The Office UK (currently watching season 1)
the simpsons
The Simpsons (watched seasons 1 - 23 & 26, currently watching season 24)
TV shows we recently finished watching:
party down
Party Down (watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 10/03/2020)
raised by wolves
Raised By Wolves (watched season 1, finished 10/02/2020, waiting for broadcast of season 2)
Unbelievable (watched season 1, finished 09/29/2020)
mockingbird lane
Mockingbird Lane (watched pilot, finished 09/18/2020)
Extras (watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 09/04/2020)
Watchmen (watched season 1, finished 08/27/2020)
after life
After Life (watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 08/22/2020, waiting for broadcast of season 3)
Upload (watched season 1, finished 08/18/2020)
brave new world
Brave New World (watched season 1, finished 08/14/2020)
the expanse
The Expanse (watched seasons 1 - 4, finished 08/09/2020, waiting for broadcast of season 5)
Fleabag (watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 07/04/2020)
anne with an e
Anne With An E (watched seasons 1 - 3, finished 06/26/2020)
Veep (watched seasons 1 - 7, finished 06/05/2020)
Westworld (watched seasons 1 - 3, finished 05/05/2020, waiting for broadcast of season 4)
tales from the loop
Tales From The Loop (watched season 1, finished 05/03/2020, waiting for broadcast of season 2)
brooklyn nine-nine
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (watched seasons 1 - 7, finished 04/23/2020, waiting for broadcast of season 8)
Devs (watched season 1, finished 04/20/2020)
modern family
Modern Family (watched seasons 1 - 11, finished 04/09/2020)
star trek: discovery
Star Trek: Discovery (watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 04/03/2020, waiting for broadcast of season 3)
star trek: picard
Star Trek: Picard (watched season 1, finished 03/27/2020, waiting for broadcast of season 2)
star trek: voyager
Star Trek: Voyager (re-watched seasons 1 - 5, finished 03/02/2020)
the morning show
The Morning Show (watched season 1, finished 01/28/2020, waiting for broadcast of season 2)
forky asks a question
Forky Asks A Question (watched season 1, finished 01/10/2020)
beavis & butt-head
Beavis & Butt-Head (watched seasons 1 - 8, finished 01/04/2020)
the imagineering story
The Imagineering Story (watched season 1, finished 01/04/2020)
lost in space
Lost In Space (watched season 1 - 2, finished 01/03/2020, waiting for broadcast of season 3)
Movies we recently saw:
high moon
High Moon (10/04/2020)
bill & ted face the music
Bill & Ted Face The Music (09/06/2020 amazon prime)
palm springs
Palm Springs (07/18/2020 hulu)
the hateful eight
The Hateful Eight (07/05/2020 blu-ray)
never let me go
Never Let Me Go (06/28/2020)
min and bill
Min And Bill (05/30/2020 criterion channel)
Onward (05/24/2020 blu-ray)
here comes mr. jordan
Here Comes Mr. Jordan (05/10/2020 criterion channel)
mary poppins returns
Mary Poppins Returns (05/09/2020 netflix)
Prospect (04/24/2020 hulu)
blackboard jungle
Blackboard Jungle (04/17/2020 criterion channel)
to sir, with love
To Sir, With Love (04/15/2020)
Summertime (04/12/2020 criterion channel)
guess who's coming to dinner
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? (04/11/2020 criterion channel)
star wars: the rise of skywalker
star wars: the last jedi
Star Wars: The Last Jedi (04/05/2020 blu-ray)
star wars: the force awakens
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (04/04/2020 blu-ray)
star trek: nemesis
Star Trek: Nemesis (03/28/2020 blu-ray)
the last picture show
The Last Picture Show (03/22/2020 criterion channel)
Safe (03/14/2020 criterion channel)
marriage story
Marriage Story (03/08/2020 netflix)
the irishman
The Irishman (03/07/2020 netflix)
doctor zhivago
Doctor Zhivago (02/14/2020)
Parasite (02/08/2020 theater)
jojo rabbit
Jojo Rabbit (02/08/2020 theater)
ford v ferrari
Ford v Ferrari (02/07/2020 theater)
Joker (02/06/2020 theater)
the gentlemen
The Gentlemen (02/02/2020 theater)
just mercy
Just Mercy (01/19/2020 theater)
dolemite is my name
Dolemite Is My Name (01/09/2020 netflix)
Concerts and plays we recently attended:
mozart concerto for two pianos
Mozart Concerto For Two Pianos (02/29/2020 benaroya hall)
[untitled] 2
[untitled] 2 (02/28/2020 benaroya hall)
Admissions (02/23/2020 seattle public theater)
shostakovich & nielsen
Shostakovich & Nielsen (02/01/2020 benaroya hall)
Magazines to which we subscribe:
Connections (no expiration)
consumer reports
Consumer Reports (expires 03/2021)
costco connection
Costco Connection (expires 01/2021)
disney twenty-three
Disney Twenty-Three (expires 04/2021)
Gramophone (expires 05/2021)
issaquah reporter
Issaquah Reporter (expires 08/2020)
Journey (expires 02/2021)
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Books I'm currently reading:
the great influenza
The Great Influenza by John M. Barry (on Kindle)
sailor on snowshoes
Sailor On Snowshoes by Dick North
the skies of pern
The Skies Of Pern by Anne McCaffrey (on Kindle)
Books I recently finished reading:
symphony for the city of the dead
Symphony For The City Of The Dead by M.T. Anderson (on Kindle) (finished 07/29/2020)
the dolphins of pern
The Dolphins Of Pern by Anne McCaffrey (on Kindle) (finished 07/08/2020)
piecing me together
Piecing Me Together by Renée Watson (on Kindle) (finished 07/04/2020)
roll of thunder, hear my cry
Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor (on Kindle) (finished 06/26/2020)
all the weyrs of pern
All The Weyrs Of Pern by Anne McCaffrey (on Kindle) (finished 05/26/2020)
the renegades of pern
The Renegades Of Pern by Anne McCaffrey (on Kindle) (finished 05/13/2020)
nerilka's story
Nerilka's Story by Anne McCaffrey (on Kindle) (finished 04/12/2020)
olga follows her nose
Olga Follows Here Nose by Michael Bond (finished 02/08/2020)
olga moves house
Olga Moves House by Michael Bond (finished 01/20/2020)
the complete adventures of olga da polga
The Complete Adventures Of Olga Da Polga by Michael Bond (finished 01/15/2020)
purple cow
Purple Cow by Seth Godin (on Kindle) (finished 01/13/2020)
TV shows I am currently watching:
buffy the vampire slayer
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (re-watched seasons 1 - 6, currently re-watching season 7)
xena: warrior princess
Xena: Warrior Princess (watched seasons 1-4, currently watching season 5)
TV shows I recently finished watching:
Movies I recently saw:
birds of prey
Birds Of Prey (02/07/2020 theater)
Concerts I recently attended:
joe walsh: walsh toor
Joe Walsh: Walsh Toor (09/10/2016 chateau st. michelle winery)
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Books I'm currently reading:
Coyote by Allen Steele (on Kindle)
Books I recently finished reading:
TV shows I am currently watching:
south park
South Park (watched seasons 1 - 21, currently watching season 22)
TV shows I recently finished watching:
Mindhunter (watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 10/04/2020)
Unbelievable (watched season 1, finished 09/22/2020)
childhood's end
Childhood's End (watched season 1, finished 09/15/2020)
the outsider
The Outsider (watched season 1, finished 09/10/2020)
the leftovers
The Leftovers (watched seasons 1 - 4, finished 09/02/2020)
my next guest needs no introduction with david letterman
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman (watched season 1 episodes 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 and season 2 episode 6, finished 02/06/2020)
comedians in cars getting coffee
Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (watched seasons 1 - 11, finished 09/06/2019, waiting for broadcast of season 12)
Movies I recently saw:
the mist
The Mist (09/30/2020)
the hunt
The Hunt (09/16/2020)
pet sematary
Pet Sematary (09/16/2020)
the woman in black
The Woman In Black (09/09/2020 amazon prime)
the wicker man
The Wicker Man (09/02/2020)
Poltergeist (08/19/2020 netflix)
child's play
Child's Play (08/05/2020 amazon prime)
ARQ (08/05/2020 netflix)
friday the 13th
Friday The 13th (08/05/2020)
Pandorum (07/29/2020 hbo max)
evil dead 2
Evil Dead 2 (07/29/2020 blu-ray)
oats studios volume 1
Oats Studios Volume 1 (07/21/2020 amazon prime)
fahrenheit 451
Fahrenheit 451 (07/16/2020 hbo max)
Freaks (07/14/2020)
Dredd (07/13/2020)
the shining
The Shining (07/08/2020 blu-ray)
the haunting
The Haunting (07/01/2020)
Us (06/24/2020 hbo max)
under the skin
Under The Skin (06/18/2020 netflix)
Starfish (06/17/2020 hulu)
the thing
The Thing (06/17/2020 blu-ray)
i am mother
I Am Mother (06/15/2020 netflix)
Coherence (06/11/2020 hulu)
creep 2
Creep 2 (06/10/2020 netflix)
midnight special
Midnight Special (06/09/2020 hbo)
Annihilation (06/07/2020 hulu)
a nightmare on elm street
A Nightmare On Elm Street (06/03/2020 amazon prime)
train to busan
Train To Busan (05/27/2020 netflix party)
under the shadow
Under The Shadow (05/20/2020 netflix party)
Creep (05/15/2020 netflix party)
Candyman (03/24/2020 netflix party)
1917 (01/11/2020 theater)
the report
The Report (01/08/2020 amazon prime)
Video games I am currently playing:
animal crossing: new horizons
Animal Crossing: New Horizons (on Nintendo Switch)
Video games I recently played:
monument valley 2
Monument Valley 2 (finished on Android Phone 08/23/2020)
My past film projects:
Other pages:
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