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TV shows we are currently watching:
Black-ish (currently watching season 1)
chicago fire
Chicago Fire (watched seasons 1 - 2, currently watching season 3)
Elementary (watched seasons 1 - 2, currently watching season 3)
the goldbergs
The Goldbergs (watched season 1, currently watching season 2)
house of cards
House Of Cards (watched seasons 1 - 2, currently watching season 3)
jane the virgin
Jane The Virgin (currently watching season 1)
madam secretary
Madam Secretary (currently watching season 1)
The Mindy Project (watched seasons 1 - 2, currently watching season 3)
modern family
Modern Family (watched seasons 1 - 5, currently watching season 6)
TV shows we recently finished watching:
Moonlighting (watched seasons 1 - 5, finished 02/25/2015)
a to z
A To Z (watched season 1, finished 02/16/2015)
downton abbey
Downton Abbey (watched seasons 1 - 5, finished 01/27/2015, waiting for broadcast of season 6)
Sherlock (watched seasons 1 - 3, finished 01/05/2015, waiting for broadcast of season 4)
marry me
Marry Me (watched season 1, episodes 1 - 6, finished 01/05/2015)
Movies we recently saw:
Ida (03/01/2015 netflix)
big hero 6
Big Hero 6 (02/28/2015)
Citizenfour (02/28/2015)
still alice
Still Alice (02/27/2015 theater)
Boyhood (02/15/2015 theater)
Whiplash (02/14/2015 theater)
the grand budapest hotel
The Grand Budapest Hotel (02/14/2015 theater)
the theory of everything
The Theory Of Everything (02/14/2015 theater)
Birdman (02/13/2015 theater)
gosford park
Gosford Park (01/31/2015)
the imitation game
The Imitation Game (01/25/2015 theater)
Paddington (01/17/2015 theater)
Concerts we recently attended:
natalie merchant with the seattle symphony
Magazines to which we subscribe:
Connections (no expiration)
consumer reports
Consumer Reports (expires 03/2015)
disney twenty-three
Disney Twenty-Three (expires 05/2015)
Journey (expires 02/2015)
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Books I'm currently reading:
Books I recently finished reading:
east of eden
In Our Time by Ernest Hemingway (finished 11/14/2014)
TV shows I am currently watching:
king of the hill
King Of The Hill (watched seasons 1 - 6, currently watching season 7)
xena: warrior princess
Xena: Warrior Princess (watched seasons 1-4, currently watching season 5)
TV shows I recently finished watching:
Movies I recently saw:
Wild (12/27/2014 theater)
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Books I'm currently reading:
the maze runner
The Maze Runner by James Dashner (on Kindle Touch 3G)
Books I recently finished reading:
the twelve tribes of hattie
The Twelve Tribes Of Hattie by Ayana Mathis (on Kindle Touch 3G) (finished on 02/08/2015)
animal farm
Animal Farm by George Orwell (on Kindle Touch 3G) (finished on 01/08/2015)
TV shows I am currently watching:
the daily show
The Daily Show (watched seasons 6 - 16, currently watching season 20)
the simpsons
The Simpsons (watched seasons 1 - 16, currently watching season 26)
south park
South Park
(watched seasons 1 - 17, currently watching season 18)
the x-files
The X-Files (watched seasons 1 - 6, currently watching season 7)
TV shows I recently finished watching:
the colbert report
The Colbert Report (watched seasons 1 - 7 & 11, finished 12/23/2014)
Movies I recently saw:
Snowpiercer (02/26/2015 netflix)
there will be blood
There Will Be Blood (02/25/2015 netflix)
the descent
The Descent (02/20/2015 xbox video)
Predestination (02/19/2015)
Proof (02/18/2015 netflix)
the diving bell and the butterfly
short term 12
Short Term 12 (02/16/2015 netflix)
the three stooges
The Three Stooges (01/26/2015 hulu)
Selma (01/23/2015 theater)
american sniper
American Sniper (01/23/2015 theater)
gentleman's agreement
Gentleman's Agreement (01/04/2015 netflix)
Video games I am currently playing:
halo: reach
Halo: Reach (on Xbox 360)
Sokobond (on PC)
Stacking (on PC)
Video games I recently played:
My past film projects:
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