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TV shows we are currently watching:
Elementary (watched seasons 1 - 3, currently watching season 4)
the handmaid's tale
The Handmaid's Tale (currently watching season 1)
king of the hill
King Of The Hill (watched season 1, currently watching season 2)
the simpsons
The Simpsons (watched seasons 1 - 17, 20, & 26, currently watching season 18)
TV shows we recently finished watching:
party of five
Party Of Five (watched seasons 1 - 6, finished 06/16/2017)
Black-ish (watched seasons 1 - 3, finished 06/02/2017, waiting for broadcast of season 4)
the goldbergs
The Goldbergs (watched seasons 1 - 4, finished 05/31/2017, waiting for broadcast of season 5)
brooklyn nine-nine
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (watched seasons 1 - 4, finished 05/25/2017, waiting for broadcast of season 5)
modern family
Modern Family (watched seasons 1 - 8, finished 05/24/2017, waiting for broadcast of season 9)
Sherlock (watched seasons 1 - 4, finished 05/19/2017, waiting for broadcast of season 5)
The Mindy Project (watched seasons 1 - 5, finished 03/28/2017, waiting for broadcast of season 6)
Roseanne (watched season 1, finished 03/01/2017)
blue bloods
Blue Bloods (watched seasons 1 - 6, finished 01/09/2017, waiting for broadcast of season 7)
Movies we recently saw:
Wonder Woman (06/11/2017 theater)
Loving (06/10/2017)
the simpsons movie
The Simpsons Movie (06/04/2017 blu-ray)
wuthering heights
Wuthering Heights (05/27/2017 filmstruck)
albino alligator
Albino Alligator (05/20/2017 filmstruck)
Gifted (05/07/2017 theater)
Split (05/06/2017)
Passengers (04/30/2017)
Logan (04/22/2017)
x-men: apocalypse
X-Men: Apocalypse (04/21/2017)
Deadpool (04/18/2017)
the wolverine
The Wolverine (04/15/2017)
x-men: first class
X-Men: First Class (04/10/2017)
x-men: the last stand
x2: x-men united
X2: X-Men United (04/06/2017)
X-Men (04/05/2017)
Allegiant (04/04/2017)
Insurgent (04/03/2017)
Divergent (04/02/2017)
the discovery
The Discovery (04/01/2017 netflix)
nocturnal animals
Nocturnal Animals (03/26/2017)
play it again, sam
Play It Again, Sam (03/18/2017)
Jackie (03/17/2017)
captain fantastic
Captain Fantastic (03/12/2017)
the lobster
The Lobster (03/11/2017)
Lion (02/26/2017 theater)
Fences (02/26/2017 theater)
hacksaw ridge
Hacksaw Ridge (02/25/2017 theater)
Moonlight (02/24/2017 theater)
hell or high water
Hell Or High Water (02/24/2017 theater)
hidden figures
Hidden Figures (02/22/2017 theater)
la la land
La La Land (02/20/2017 theater)
john wick
John Wick (02/17/2017)
my favorite brunette
My Favorite Brunette (02/11/2017 dvd)
the prestige
The Prestige (01/29/2017 blu-ray)
wide awake
Wide Awake (01/07/2017 hbo now)
Concerts we recently attended:
ten grands 2017
Ten Grands 2017 (05/13/2017 benaroya hall)
[untitled] 3 2016-2017
[Untitled] 3 2016-2017 (04/28/2017 benaroya hall)
rebirth brass band
Rebirth Brass Band (04/08/2017 benaroya hall)
Bugs Bunny At The Symphony 2 (03/04/2017 benaroya hall)
onstage rehearsal for bach & handel
Onstage Rehearsal For Bach & Handel (02/23/2017 benaroya hall)
[untitled] 2 2016-2017
[Untitled] 2 2016-2017 (01/27/2017 benaroya hall)
shostakovich concerto festival 2
Shostakovich Concerto Festival 2 (01/20/2017 benaroya hall)
shostakovich concerto festival 1
Shostakovich Concerto Festival 1 (01/19/2017 benaroya hall)
Magazines to which we subscribe:
Connections (no expiration)
consumer reports
Consumer Reports (expires 03/2017)
costco connection
Costco Connection (expires 01/2017)
disney twenty-three
Disney Twenty-Three (expires 04/2017)
Journey (expires 02/2017)
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Books I'm currently reading:
my life
My Life by Bill Clinton
Books I recently finished reading:
hen frigates
Hen Frigates by Joan Druett (finished 06/11/2017)
no coincidences only miracles
No Coincidences Only Miracles by Shirley Anni Njos (finished 04/01/2017)
the seventh dragon: the riddle of equal temperament
The Seventh Dragon: The Riddle Of Equal Temperament by Anita T. Sullivan (on Kindle Touch 3G) (finished 01/29/2017)
Tenacity by J. S. Law (finished 01/22/2017)
the life and times of duke ellington
The Life And Times Of Duke Ellington by John Bankston (finished 01/16/2017)
robinson crusoe
Robinson Crusoe by Daniel DeFoe (finished 01/12/2017)
why not me?
Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling (on Kindle Touch 3G) (finished 01/02/2017)
TV shows I am currently watching:
buffy the vampire slayer
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (watched seasons 1 - 2, currently watching season 3)
king of the hill
King Of The Hill (watched seasons 1 - 6, currently watching season 7)
orange is the new black
Orange Is The New Black (watched seasons 1 - 2, currently watching season 3)
Roseanne (watched seasons 1 - 4, currently watching season 5)
xena: warrior princess
Xena: Warrior Princess (watched seasons 1-4, currently watching season 5)
TV shows I recently finished watching:
Movies I recently saw:
Concerts I recently attended:
joe walsh: walsh toor
Joe Walsh: Walsh Toor (09/10/2016 chateau st. michelle winery)
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Books I'm currently reading:
waypoint kangaroo
Books I recently finished reading:
TV shows I am currently watching:
last week tonight
Last Week Tonight (watched seasons 1 -3, currently watching season 4)
TV shows I recently finished watching:
star trek: the animated series
Star Trek: The Animated Series (watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 05/26/2017)
south park
South Park (watched seasons 1 - 20, finished 01/10/2017, waiting for broadcast of season 21)
Movies I recently saw:
o lucky malcolm!
O Lucky Malcolm! (06/14/2017 blu-ray)
who is henry jaglom?
Who Is Henry Jaglom? (06/12/2017 filmstruck)
Patton (06/08/2017 netflix)
alien: covenant
Alien: Covenant (05/28/2017 theater)
life itself
Life Itself (05/05/2017 netflix)
resident evil
Resident Evil (05/04/2017)
louis ck 2017
Louis CK 2017 (04/27/2017 netflix)
for the love of spock
For The Love Of Spock (03/09/2017 netflix)
Video games I am currently playing:
Video games I recently played:
My past film projects:
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