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TV shows we finished watching in 2017:
con man
Con Man (watched season 1, finished 09/12/2017)
star trek
Star Trek (re-watched seasons 1 - 3, finished 09/11/2017)
king of the hill
King Of The Hill (re-watched season 1 & 2 episodes 1 - 12, finished 08/06/2017)
party of five
Party Of Five (re-watched seasons 1 - 6, finished 06/16/2017)
Black-ish (watched seasons 1 - 3, finished 06/02/2017)
Sherlock (watched seasons 1 - 4, finished 05/19/2017, waiting for broadcast of season 5)
Roseanne (re-watched season 1, finished 03/01/2017)
blue bloods
Blue Bloods (watched seasons 1 - 6, finished 01/09/2017)
Movies we saw in 2017:
high fidelity
High Fidelity (12/28/2017)
about a boy
About A Boy (12/27/2017 hbo)
holiday inn
Holiday Inn (12/25/2017 amazon)
Coco (12/19/2017 theater)
star wars: the last jedi
Star Wars: The Last Jedi (12/18/2017 theater)
white christmas
White Christmas (12/17/2017 netflix)
star wars: the force awakens
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (12/16/2017 blu-ray)
brief encounter
Brief Encounter (11/11/2017 blu-ray)
lady bird
Lady Bird (11/11/2017 theater)
Psycho (10/31/2017)
get out
Get Out (10/31/2017)
now, voyager
Now, Voyager (09/30/2017)
star trek 5: the final frontier
Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier (09/21/2017 blu-ray)
star trek 4: the voyage home
Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home (09/19/2017 blu-ray)
star trek 3: the search for spock
star trek 2: the wrath of khan
Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan (09/16/2017 blu-ray)
star trek: the motion picture
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (09/15/2017 blu-ray)
war for the planet of the apes
War For The Planet Of The Apes (08/06/2017 theater)
the big sick
The Big Sick (07/15/2017 theater)
foreign correspondent
Foreign Correspondent (07/01/2017 filmstruck)
Wonder Woman (06/11/2017 theater)
Loving (06/10/2017)
the simpsons movie
The Simpsons Movie (06/04/2017 blu-ray)
wuthering heights
Wuthering Heights (05/27/2017 filmstruck)
albino alligator
Albino Alligator (05/20/2017 filmstruck)
Gifted (05/07/2017 theater)
Split (05/06/2017)
Passengers (04/30/2017)
Logan (04/22/2017)
x-men: apocalypse
X-Men: Apocalypse (04/21/2017)
Deadpool (04/18/2017)
the wolverine
The Wolverine (04/15/2017)
x-men: first class
X-Men: First Class (04/10/2017)
x-men: the last stand
x2: x-men united
X2: X-Men United (04/06/2017)
X-Men (04/05/2017)
Allegiant (04/04/2017)
Insurgent (04/03/2017)
Divergent (04/02/2017)
the discovery
The Discovery (04/01/2017 netflix)
nocturnal animals
Nocturnal Animals (03/26/2017)
play it again, sam
Play It Again, Sam (03/18/2017)
Jackie (03/17/2017)
captain fantastic
Captain Fantastic (03/12/2017)
the lobster
The Lobster (03/11/2017)
Lion (02/26/2017 theater)
Fences (02/26/2017 theater)
hacksaw ridge
Hacksaw Ridge (02/25/2017 theater)
Moonlight (02/24/2017 theater)
hell or high water
Hell Or High Water (02/24/2017 theater)
hidden figures
Hidden Figures (02/22/2017 theater)
la la land
La La Land (02/20/2017 theater)
john wick
John Wick (02/17/2017)
my favorite brunette
My Favorite Brunette (02/11/2017 dvd)
the prestige
The Prestige (01/29/2017 blu-ray)
wide awake
Wide Awake (01/07/2017 hbo now)
Concerts and plays we attended in 2017:
new year's eve: great balls of fire
New Year's Eve: Great Balls Of Fire (12/31/2017 benaroya hall)
ravel & schubert
Ravel & Schubert (11/10/2017 benaroya hall)
morlot conducts berlioz
Morlot Conducts Berlioz (11/04/2017 benaroya hall)
shastakovich symphony no. 10
Shostakovich Symphony No. 10 (10/29/2017 benaroya hall)
[untitled] 1 2017-2018
[Untitled] 1 2017-2018 (10/13/2017 benaroya hall)
elgar enigma variations
Elgar Enigma Variations (10/07/2017 benaroya hall)
seattle symphony opening night concert 2017
mahler symphony no. 5
Mahler Symphony No. 5 (06/24/2017 benaroya hall)
ten grands 2017
Ten Grands 2017 (05/13/2017 benaroya hall)
[untitled] 3 2016-2017
[Untitled] 3 2016-2017 (04/28/2017 benaroya hall)
rebirth brass band
Rebirth Brass Band (04/08/2017 benaroya hall)
Bugs Bunny At The Symphony 2 (03/04/2017 benaroya hall)
onstage rehearsal for bach & handel
Onstage Rehearsal For Bach & Handel (02/23/2017 benaroya hall)
[untitled] 2 2016-2017
[Untitled] 2 2016-2017 (01/27/2017 benaroya hall)
shostakovich concerto festival 2
Shostakovich Concerto Festival 2 (01/20/2017 benaroya hall)
shostakovich concerto festival 1
Shostakovich Concerto Festival 1 (01/19/2017 benaroya hall)
Print magazines to which we subscribed in 2017:
karin's head


Books I finished reading in 2017:
gilda joyce: the ghost sonata
Gilda Joyce: The Ghost Sonata by Jennifer Allison (finished 12/24/2017)
graduation day
Graduation Day by Joelle Charbonneau (on Kindle Touch 3G) (finished 12/12/2017)
independent study
Independent Study by Joelle Charbonneau (on Kindle Touch 3G) (finished 12/03/2017)
Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey (on Kindle Touch 3G) (finished 11/29/2017)
the testing
The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau (on Kindle Touch 3G) (finished 11/25/2017)
red queen
Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (on Kindle Touch 3G) (finished 11/21/2017)
the voyage of the narwhal
The Voyage of the Narwhal by Andrea Barrett (finished 11/05/2017)
my life
No Country For Old Men by Cormac McCarthy (finished 09/24/2017)
my life
A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess (finished 09/13/2017)
my life
My Life by Bill Clinton (finished 08/12/2017)
their heads are green and their hands are blue
Their Heads Are Green And Their Hands Are Blue by Paul Bowles (finished 07/09/2017)
Apes by Eric S. Grace (finished 07/01/2017)
hen frigates
Hen Frigates by Joan Druett (finished 06/11/2017)
no coincidences only miracles
No Coincidences Only Miracles by Shirley Anni Njos (finished 04/01/2017)
the seventh dragon: the riddle of equal temperament
The Seventh Dragon: The Riddle Of Equal Temperament by Anita T. Sullivan (on Kindle Touch 3G) (finished 01/29/2017)
Tenacity by J. S. Law (finished 01/22/2017)
the life and times of duke ellington
The Life And Times Of Duke Ellington by John Bankston (finished 01/16/2017)
robinson crusoe
Robinson Crusoe by Daniel DeFoe (finished 01/12/2017)
why not me?
Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling (on Kindle Touch 3G) (finished 01/02/2017)
TV shows I finished watching in 2017:
orange is the new black
Orange Is The New Black (watched seasons 1 - 3 episode 8, finished 04/02/2017)
Movies I saw in 2017:
Ted (10/14/2017 blu-ray)
Concerts I attended in 2017:
bryan's head


Books I finished reading in 2017:
TV shows I finished watching in 2017:
star trek: the animated series
Star Trek: The Animated Series (watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 05/26/2017)
Movies I saw in 2017:
jim & andy: the great beyond
Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond (11/25/2017 netflix)
Cube (11/03/2017 blu-ray)
cube 2: hypercube
Cube 2: Hypercube (11/03/2017 netflix)
Spielberg (10/26/2017 hbo now)
the people vs. george lucas
The People Vs. George Lucas (07/02/2017 amazon prime)
o lucky malcolm!
O Lucky Malcolm! (06/14/2017 blu-ray)
who is henry jaglom?
Who Is Henry Jaglom? (06/12/2017 filmstruck)
Patton (06/08/2017 netflix)
alien: covenant
Alien: Covenant (05/28/2017 theater)
life itself
Life Itself (05/05/2017 netflix)
resident evil
Resident Evil (05/04/2017)
louis ck 2017
Louis CK 2017 (04/27/2017 netflix)
for the love of spock
For The Love Of Spock (03/09/2017 netflix)
Video games I played in 2017:
auralux: constellations
Auralux: Constellations (finished on Android Phone 09/07/2017)
Auralux (finished on Android Phone 07/03/2017)
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