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TV shows we finished watching in 2012:
animal practice
Animal Practice (watched season 1 episodes 1 - 4, finished 10/16/2012)
Chuck (watched seasons 1 - 5, finished 01/27/2012)
desperate housewives
Desperate Housewives (watched seasons 1 - 8, finished 05/13/2012)
emily owens, m.d.
Emily Owens, M.D. (watching season 1, episodes 1 - 2, finished 10/23/2012)
Friends (re-watched seasons 1 - 10, finished 2012, show ended)
man up!
Grimm (watched season 1, episodes 1 -11, finished 02/10/2012)
Nashville (watched season 1, episodes 1-3, finished 10/24/2012)
once upon a time
Once Upon A Time (watched season 1, episodes 1- 10, finished 01/22/2012)
pan am
Pan Am (watched season 1, cancelled by network 02/19/2012)
Revolution (watched season 1, episodes 1-5, finished 10/15/2012)
Movies we saw in 2012:
the dark knight
The Dark Knight (12/28/2012 blu-ray)
the hobbit: an unexpected journey
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (12/24/2012 theater 3D HFR)
Lincoln (12/24/2012 theater)
batman begins
Batman Begins (12/09/2012 blu-ray)
citizen kane
Citizen Kane (11/17/2012 blu-ray)
Winnie The Pooh (11/11/2012 blu-ray)
days of heaven
Days Of Heaven (11/03/2012 blu-ray)
a nightmare on elm street
A Nightmare On Elm Street (10/31/2012 zune)
the master
The Master (10/13/2012 theater)
robot & frank
Robot & Frank (09/23/2012 theater)
Brave (07/07/2012 theater)
Ted (06/30/2012 theater)
Prometheus (06/28/2012 theater)
madagascar 3: europe's most wanted
the weight of the nation
The Weight Of The Nation (06/03/2012 internet)
the avengers
The Avengers (05/19/2012 theater)
Thor (05/12/2012 zune)
forks over knives
Forks Over Knives (03/24/2012 hulu)
tron legacy
Tron Legacy (03/04/2012 blu-ray)
no direction home
No Direction Home (02/24/2012 netflix)
Tron (02/18/2012 blu-ray)
Hugo (02/14/2012 theater)
Concerts and plays we attended in 2012:
leonard cohen: old ideas world tour
steve martin and the steep canyon rangers and emmylou harris
Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon Rangers And Emmylou Harris
(07/24/2012 chateau st. michelle winery)
Print magazines to which we subscribed in 2012:
Consumer Reports On Health (expired 10/2012)
skeptical inquirer
Skeptical Inquirer (expired 03/2012)
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Books I finished reading in 2012:
breaking dawn
Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer (finished 12/14/2012)
frightful's mountain
Frightful's Mountain by Jean Craighead George (finished 10/21/2012)
on the far side of the mountain
On The Far Side Of The Mountain by Jean Craighead George (finished 10/15/2012)
the black tulip
The Black Tulip by Alexandre Dumas (finished 10/09/2012)
hearts of three
Hearts Of Three by Jack London (on Kindle Keyboard 3G) (finished 08/07/2012)
self-made man
Self-Made Man by Norah Vincent (finished 06/11/2012)
michael, brother of jerry
Michael, Brother Of Jerry by Jack London (on Kindle Keyboard 3G) (finished 05/28/2012)
glamour in glass
Glamour In Glass by Mary Robinette Kowal (finished 05/25/2012)
jerry of the islands
Jerry Of The Islands by Jack London (on Kindle Keyboard 3G) (finished 05/07/2012)
the little lady of the big house
The Little Lady Of The Big House by Jack London (on Kindle Keyboard 3G) (finished 04/28/2012)
wolf: the lives of jack london
Wolf: The Lives Of Jack London by James L. Haley (finished 04/01/2012)
A Tale Of Two Cities
A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens (finished 01/29/2012)
TV shows I finished watching:
Movies I saw in 2012:
breaking dawn part 2
Breaking Dawn Part 2 (12/01/2012 theater)
Skyfall (11/25/2012 theater)
pitch perfect
Pitch Perfect (10/28/2012 theater)
the bourne legacy
The Bourne Legacy (08/13/2012 theater)
john carter
John Carter (03/14/2012 theater)
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Books I finished reading in 2012:
Crossfire by Nancy Kress (on Kindle Touch 3G) (finished 12/07/2012)
mass effect: revelation
Mass Effect: Revelation by Drew Karpyshyn (on Kindle Touch 3G) (finished 10/08/2012)
the warden
The Warden by Anthony Trollope (on Kindle Touch 3G) (finished 05/18/2012)
TV shows I finished watching in 2012:
Nova (finished 2012)
prime suspect
Prime Suspect (watched season 1, cancelled by network 01/22/2012)
Movies I saw in 2012:
rko 281
RKO 281 (12/01/2012 dvd)
the battle over citzen kane
Prometheus (06/19/2012 theater)
Anchorman (03/29/2012 download)
the hunger games
The Hunger Games (03/27/2012 theater)
Video games I played in 2012:
thomas was alone
Thomas Was Alone (finished on PC 11/27/2012)
Carcasonne (finished on Windows Phone 7 11/12/2012)
contre jour
Contre Jour (finished on Windows Phone 7 10/26/2012)
to the moon
To The Moon (finished on PC 10/24/2012)
civilization v
Civilization V (finished multiplayer with Karin, DeeAnn, and Curtis on PC 10/20/2012)
Home (finished on PC 10/16/2012)
radiant defense
Radiant Defense (finished on Windows Phone 7 09/05/2012)
geodefense swarm
geoDefense Swarm (finished on Windows Phone 7 07/18/2012)
geoDefense (finished on Windows Phone 7 06/18/2012)
civilization revolution
Civilization Revolution (finished on Windows Phone 7 04/27/2012)
TowerGade (finished on Windows Phone 7 03/16/2012)
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