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TV shows we finished watching in 2010:
at the movies
At The Movies (with Phillips and Scott) (watched season 1, cancelled by network 08/15/2010)
FlashForward (watched season 1, cancelled by network 05/27/2010)
Lost (re-watched seasons 1 - 6, finished 2010, show ended)
V (watched season 1, finished 05/18/2010)
Movies we saw in 2010:
tron legacy
Tron Legacy (12/31/2010 theater)
true grit
True Grit (12/25/2010 theater)
an affair to remember
An Affair To Remember (12/24/2010 zune)
i know where i'm going
I Know Where I'm Going! (12/18/2010 netflix)
shrek forever after
Shrek Forever After (12/18/2010 blu-ray)
shrek the third
Shrek The Third (12/14/2010 blu-ray)
shrek 2
Shrek 2 (12/13/2010 blu-ray)
Shrek (12/12/2010 blu-ray)
bride of frankenstein
Bride Of Frankenstein (10/31/2010 ps3)
Frankenstein (10/31/2010 ps3)
wall street money never sleeps
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (10/10/2010 theater)
Waterworld (10/09/2010 netflix)
the social network
The Social Network (10/09/2010 theater)
wall street
Wall Street (09/25/2010 netflix)
Metropolitan (09/18/2010 netflix)
big top pee wee
Big Top Pee Wee (09/10/2010 netflix)
time after time
Time After Time (09/04/2010 netflix)
the men who stare at goats
The Men Who Stare At Goats (08/21/2010 netflix)
pee wee's big adventure
Pee Wee's Big Adventure (08/19/2010 netflix)
forgetting sarah marshall
Forgetting Sarah Marshall (08/14/2010 zune)
date night
Date Night (08/12/2010 zune)
dinner for schmucks
Dinner For Schmucks (08/11/2010 theater)
desk set
Desk Set (08/08/2010 netflix)
babylon 5: in the beginning
on the waterfront
On The Waterfront (08/05/2010 netflix)
knocked up
Knocked Up (08/03/2010 zune)
shutter island
Shutter Island (08/01/2010 ps3)
the kids are all right
The Kids Are All Right (07/31/2010 theater)
Greenberg (07/25/2010 ps3)
Inception (07/17/2010 theater)
hot tub time machine
Hot Tub Time Machine (07/15/2010 zune)
Cyrus (07/08/2010 theater)
Surrogates (07/03/2010 neflix)
toy story 3
Toy Story 3 (06/20/2010 theater)
toy story 2
Toy Story 2 (06/19/2010 blu-ray)
toy story
Toy Story (06/18/2010 blu-ray)
sherlock holmes
Sherlock Holmes (06/05/2010 zune)
Tron (03/20/2010 dvd)
alice in wonderland
Alice In Wonderland (03/14/2010 theater)
the hurt locker
The Hurt Locker (03/13/2010 blu-ray)
the last starfighter
The Last Starfighter (03/13/2010 blu-ray)
crazy heart
Crazy Heart (03/07/2010 theater)
along came a spider
Along Came A Spider (02/26/2010 dvd)
Cars (02/21/2010 blu-ray)
a serious man
A Serious Man (02/20/2010 blu-ray)
zack and miri make a porno
Zack And Miri Make A Porno (02/14/2010 blu-ray)
kill bill vol. 2
Kill Bill Vol. 2 (02/07/2010 blu-ray)
it's complicated
It's Complicated (01/31/2010 theater)
Choke (01/30/2010 download)
kill bill vol. 1
Kill Bill Vol. 1 (01/23/2010 blu-ray)
the princess and the frog
The Princess And The Frog (01/16/2010 theater)
up in the air
Up In The Air (01/09/2010 theater)
Invictus (01/02/2010 theater)
Concerts and plays we attended in 2010:
Print magazines to which we subscribed in 2010:
Seed (ceased 09-10/2010)
Skeptic (expired issue volume 15 number 3 02/2010)
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Books I finished reading in 2010:
almayer's folly
Almayer's Folly by Joseph Conrad (finished 10/25/2010)
learn to read music in 10 lessons
Learn To Read Music In 10 Lessons by Terence Ashley (finished 09/05/2010)
bombay time
Bombay Time by Thrity Umrigar (on Kindle) (finished 08/29/2010)
lipstick jihad
Lipstick Jihad by Azahed Moaveni (finished 08/03/2010)
a guide to the project management body of knowledge
A Guide To The Project Management Body Of Knowledge by The Project Management Institute
(finished 08/02/2010)
travels with charley
Travels With Charley by John Steinbeck (finished 07/19/2010)
new moon
New Moon by Stephenie Meyer (finished 07/17/2010)
the gathering storm
The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson (finished 07/04/2010)
knife of dreams
Knife Of Dreams by Robert Jordan (finished 06/06/2010)
building and managing the meta data repository
Building And Managing The Meta Data Repository by David Marco (finished 05/15/2010)
the world of robert jordan's the wheel of time
The World Of Robert Jordan's The Wheel Of Time by Robert Jordan and Teresa Patterson
(finished 05/13/2010)
crossroads of twilight
Crossroads Of Twilight by Robert Jordan (finished 05/10/2010)
a woman's kingdom and other stories
A Woman's Kingdom And Other Stories by Anton Chekhov (finished 04/19/2010)
the kempton-wace letters
The Kempton-Wace Letters by Jack London (finished 04/18/2010)
the raid and other stories
The Raid And Other Stories by Leo Tolstoy (finished 03/14/2010)
the mayor of casterbridge
The Mayor Of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy (finished 02/26/2010)
an indiscretion in the life of an heiress
An Indiscretion In The Life Of An Heiress by Thomas Hardy (finished 02/06/2010)
a pair of blue eyes
A Pair Of Blue Eyes by Thomas Hardy (finished 01/14/2010)
TV shows I finished watching in 2010:
Movies I saw:
Eclipse (07/28/2010 theater)
the sorcerer's apprentice
The Sorcerer's Apprentice (07/23/2010 theater)
as good as it gets
Robin Hood (05/14/2010 theater)
as good as it gets
As Good As It Gets (01/26/2010)
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Books I finished reading in 2010:
act one
Act One by Nancy Kress (on Kindle Keyboard 3G) (finished 12/04/2010)
Choke by Chuck Palahniuk (on Kindle Keyboard 3G) (finished 11/13/2010)
the door into summer
The Door Into Summer by Robert A. Heinlein (audiobook) (finished 10/13/2010)
faceless killers
Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell (finished 10/08/2010)
Shine edited by Jetse de Vries (on Kindle Keyboard 3G) (finished 09/06/2010)
Foundation by Isaac Asimov (on Kindle Keyboard 3G) (finished 08/12/2010)
steal across the sky
Steal Across The Sky by Nancy Kress (on Kindle Keyboard 3G) (finished 08/01/2010)
linux for dummies
Linux For Dummies by Richard Blum (finished 07/13/2010)
data structures and other objects using java
Data Structures And Other Objects Using Java by Michael Main (finished 06/26/2010)
java pocket guide
Java Pocket Guide by Robert Liguori and Patricia Liguori (finished 05/14/2010)
eclipse ide pocket guide
Eclipse IDE Pocket Guide by Ed Burnette (finished 04/22/2010)
Privateers by Ben Bova (finished 02/06/2010)
TV shows I finished watching in 2010:
family guy
Family Guy (watched seasons 1 - 8, finished 05/23/2010)
Movies I saw in 2010:
Choke (11/13/2010 dowload)
Alien (11/08/2010 blu-ray)
Spartan (09/30/2010 netflix)
jake johannsen: i love you
Jake Johannsen: I Love You (07/23/2010 netflix)
the crazies
The Crazies (07/22/2010 ps3)
Video games I played in 2010:
marathon: durandal
Marathon: Durandal (finished on Xbox 360 09/29/2010)
Limbo (finished on Xbox 360 08/07/2010)
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