What is the movie about?
Snow is about a man who is confused about his location. At first he believes he is at home in his apartment, but physical evidence and an overheard discussion between his girlfriend and best friend lead him to discover that he may be somewhere entirely different. The 7 minute short will be shot on 16mm film with synchronized dialog.

Who is making the movie?
Snow is being produced by a team of full-time film production students at the Seattle Film Institute, the largest film program in the Northwest. Each student on the team has already produced at least five short films to date. The team of nine comprises Troy Anderson (Director/Editor), Bryan H. Bell (Assistant Director), Chris Machowski (Director of Photography/Editor), Cameron Hanson (Assistant Camera/Editor), Chris Allen (Production Design), Dan Wagner (Mixer/Sound Editor), Omri Alon (Boom Operator), Jonah Gruber (Script Supervisor), and David Pickar (Writer/Gaffer). The film stars Paco Jones as Joe, Hallie Shepherd as Rachel, and Erick Robertson as Mike.

When is the movie shooting?
We will be shooting over 2 consecutive weekends: October 30-31, and November 6-7.

Where is the movie being shot?
We are shooting in two locations: Mount Rainier and an as yet determined apartment in Seattle.

When will the movie be completed?
The film should be completed in December.

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