Frequently Asked Questions

What is the movie about?
Russian Vine is adapted from a short science-fiction story by Simon Ings. It takes place in a future in which humankind has been rendered illiterate by an occupying non-terrestrial race. It concerns the relationship between a human woman and an alien man. The 16 minute short was shot on Digital Video.

Who made the movie?
Russian Vine was produced by a team of full-time film production students at the Seattle Film Institute, the largest film program in the Northwest. Each student on the team had previously produced at least four short films. The team of six comprises Bryan H. Bell (Writer/Director/Editor), Troy Anderson (Assistant Director/Editor), Cameron Hanson (Director of Photography/Assistant Camera), Jonah Gruber (Camera/Tape Operator), David Pickar (Mixer/Sound Editor), and Dan Wagner (Boom Operator). The film stars Cathleen O'Malley as Rebecca, Justin Alley as Connie, and J.A. McLamb as Tall Man.

When was the movie shot?
The film was shot during the months of August and September, 2004.

Where was the movie shot?
The movie was shot in four locations within Washington state, United States: inside a private residence in Chehalis, outside a private residence on Bainbridge Island, at the historic site of Port Blakely Mill on Bainbridge Island, and at the Fargonian cafe in Seattle.

When was the movie completed?
The film was completed in December, 2004.

How may I obtain a copy of the movie?
Russian Vine is not for sale. However, a free copy on DVD is available. You may request a copy by sending your name, address, and phone number via e-mail to the feedback address below.

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