Frequently Asked Questions

What is the movie about?

Hi is a parody of the movie Pi. Pi is about a mathematician searching for a key pattern that unlocks the nature of the universe. He finds that pattern in the form of a spiral. In Hi, that pattern turns out to be the ubiquitous smiley face :) The 5 minute short was shot on 16mm B/W film without sync sound. It includes a voice-over track performed by the lead role.

Who made the movie?

Hi was produced by a team of full-time film production students at the Seattle Film Institute, the largest film program in the Northwest. Each student on the team had already produced at least three short films. The team of six comprises David Pickar (Writer/Director), Chris Machowski (Director Of Photography), Bryan H. Bell (Assistant Director), Omri Alon (Production Designer), Troy Anderson (Camera Assistant/Editor), and Mikael O'Donnell (Gaffer).

When was the movie shot?

The film was shot over 3 weekends from June 12 to July 4th, 2004.

How can I obtain a copy of the film?

Currently, the film is unavailable, but its script is available as a web page or as a PDF document.

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