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TV shows Karin + Bryan are currently watching together:
last week tonight
Last Week Tonight (watched seasons 1 - 8, currently watching season 9)
mary tyler moore
Mary Tyler Moore (watched seasons 1 - 2, currently watching season 3)
the orville
The Orville (watched seasons 1 - 2, currently watching season 3)
the simpsons
The Simpsons (watched seasons 1 - 24 & 26, currently watching season 25)
TV shows Karin + Bryan recently finished watching together:
the sandman
The Sandman (watched season 1, episodes 1 - 5, finished 09/20/2022)
Foundation (watched season 1, finished 09/04/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 2)
Dark (watched seasons 1 - 3, finished 09/04/2022)
Counterpart (watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 08/05/2022)
january 6 attack hearings
January 6 Attack Hearings (watched season 1, finished 07/22/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 2)
thomas jefferson
Thomas Jefferson (watched season 1, finished 07/13/2022)
john adams
John Adams (watched season 1, finished 07/09/2022)
raised by wolves
Raised By Wolves (watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 07/02/2022)
Barry (watched season 1 - 3, finished 06/12/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 4)
Undone (watched season 1 - 2, finished 06/08/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 3)
Severance (watched season 1, finished 06/04/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 2)
star trek: picard
Star Trek: Picard (watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 05/28/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 3)
Atlanta (watched seasons 1 - 3, finished 05/21/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 4)
wolf like me
Wolf Like Me (watched season 1, finished 05/19/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 2)
the conners
The Conners (watched seasons 1 - 4, finished 05/19/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 5)
the shrink next door
The Shrink Next Door (watched season 1, finished 04/18/2022)
the gilded age
The Gilded Age (watched season 1, finished 04/16/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 2)
our flag means death
Our Flag Means Death (watched season 1, finished 04/11/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 2)
star trek: discovery
Star Trek: Discovery (watched seasons 1 - 4, finished 04/05/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 5)
star trek: lower decks
Star Trek: Lower Decks (watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 04/01/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 3)
the problem with jon stewart
The Problem With Jon Stewart (watched season 1, finished 03/28/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 2)
only murders in the building
Only Murders In The Building (watched season 1, finished 02/19/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 2)
back to life
Back To Life (watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 02/15/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 3)
after life
After Life (watched seasons 1 - 3, finished 02/09/2022)
mad about you
Mad About You (watched seasons 1 - 8, finished 02/05/2022)
the expanse
The Expanse (watched seasons 1 - 6, finished 01/28/2022)
the witcher
The Witcher (watched seasons 1 - 2, finished 01/23/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 3)
lost in space
Lost In Space (watched seasons 1 - 3, finished 01/09/2022)
Movies Karin + Bryan recently saw together:
luca (09/18/2022 blu-ray)
inside the mind of a cat
Inside The Mind Of A Cat (09/03/2022 netflix)
duocon 2022
Duocon 2022 (08/30/2022 youtube)
reality bites
Reality Bites (08/14/2022)
motherless brooklyn
Motherless Brooklyn (08/06/2022)
beavis and butt-head do the universe
Beavis And Butt-Head Do The Universe (07/31/2022 paramount+)
the princess bride
The Princess Bride (07/26/2022 blu-ray)
the way, way back
The Way, Way Back (06/26/2022 hbo max)
downton abbey: a new era
Downton Abbey: A New Era (06/25/2022 peacock)
the last duel
The Last Duel (06/08/2022 hbo max)
parallel mothers
Parallel Mothers (05/29/2022)
the matrix
The Matrix (04/22/2022 blu-ray)
Encanto (04/10/2022 blu-ray)
the tragedy of macbeth
The Tragedy Of Macbeth (03/18/2022 apple tv+)
the oscars 2022
The Oscars 2022 (04/01/2022 youtube tv)
the lost daughter
The Lost Daughter (03/18/2022 netflix)
king richard
King Richard (03/13/2022)
being the ricardos
Being The Ricardos (03/04/2022 amazon prime)
the power of the dog
The Power Of The Dog (03/04/2022 netflix)
the windshield wiper
The Windshield Wiper (03/03/2022 youtube)
affairs of the art
Affairs Of The Art (03/03/2022 youtube)
three songs for benazir
Three Songs For Benazir (03/03/2022 netflix)
Audible (03/02/2022 netflix)
licorice pizza
Licorice Pizza (03/02/2022)
robin robin
Robin Robin (03/01/2022 netflix)
free guy
Free Guy (03/01/2022 hbo max)
drive my car
Drive My Car (02/28/2022)
west side story
West Side Story (02/27/2022)
nightmare alley
Nightmare Alley (02/26/2022 hbo max)
CODA (02/25/2022 apple tv+)
lead me home
Lead Me Home (02/24/2022 netflix)
office space
Office Space (02/23/2022 blu-ray)
Belfast (02/20/2022 amazon prime)
enough said
Enough Said (02/14/2022 hbo max)
the electrical life of louis wain
The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain (02/06/2022 amazon prime)
the assistant
The Assistant (01/16/2022 hulu)
don't look up
Don't Look Up (01/15/2022 netflix)
Concerts and plays Karin + Bryan recently attended together:
Print magazines to which Karin + Bryan currently subscribe:
The Atlantic (expires 09/2022)
Connections (no expiration)
consumer reports
Consumer Reports (expires 03/2023)
costco connection
Costco Connection (expires 01/2023)
disney twenty-three
Disney Twenty-Three (expires 04/2022)
Downbeat (expires 02/2023)
Gramophone (expires 04/2023)
Journey (expires 02/2023)
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Books Karin is currently reading:
duke: a life of duke ellington
Duke: A Life Of Duke Ellington by Terry Teachout (on Kindle)
kangaroo too
Kangaroo Too by Curtis C. Chen
token black girl
Token Black Girl by Danielle Prescod (on Kindle)
Books Karin recently finished reading:
Cuz by Danielle S. Allen (finished on Kindle 06/05/2022)
how the word is passed
How The Word Is Passed by Clint Smith (finished on Kindle 04/23/2022)
the darkest child
The Darkest Child by Delores Phillips (finished on Kindle 01/27/2022)
drummer girl
Drummer Girl by Ginger Scott (finished on Kindle 01/20/2022)
to a young jazz musician
To a Young Jazz Musician by Wynton Marsalis (finished on Kindle 01/07/2022)
the chimes
The Chimes by Charles Dickens (finished on Kindle 01/04/2022)
TV shows Karin is currently watching:
Andromeda (currently watching season 1)
Bel-Air (currently watching season 1)
the jeffersons
The Jeffersons (watched season 1, currently watching season 2)
TV shows Karin recently finished watching:
never have i ever
Never Have I Ever (watched seasons 1 - 3, finished 09/24/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 4)
all in the family
All In The Family (watched seasons 1 - 9, finished 08/12/2022)
julie and the phantoms
Julie And The Phantoms (watched season 1, finished 07/08/2022)
the big bang theory
The Big Bang Theory (watched seasons 1 - 12, finished 04/09/2022)
young sheldon
Young Sheldon (watched seasons 1 - 4, finished 01/11/2022, waiting for broadcast of season 5)
Movies Karin recently saw:
Rango (08/16/2022 hbo max)
pitch perfect 3
Pitch Perfect 3 (05/20/2022)
pitch perfect 2
Pitch Perfect 2 (05/19/2022)
pitch perfect
Pitch Perfect (05/19/2022)
Concerts Karin recently attended:
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Books Bryan is currently reading:
leviathan wakes
Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey (on Kindle)
shooting midnight cowboy
Shooting Midnight Cowboy by Glenn Frankel (on Kindle)
Books Bryan recently finished reading:
the last wish
The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski (on Kindle) (finished 02/12/2022)
TV shows Bryan is currently watching:
law & order
Law & Order (watched seasons 1 - 3 & 5 - 21, currently watching season 4)
south park
South Park (watched seasons 1 - 21, currently watching season 22)
TV shows Bryan recently finished watching:
the beatles: get back
The Beatles: Get Back (watched season 1, finished 12/20/2021)
Movies Bryan recently saw:
pulp fiction
Pulp Fiction (09/23/2022 blu-ray)
the apartment
The Apartment (09/14/2022 kanopy)
Network (09/09/2022)
l.a. confidential
L.A. Confidential (08/18/2022)
Ringu (08/11/2022)
the social network
The Social Network (08/03/2022 amazon prime)
Zodiac (07/06/2022 netflix)
Hardcore (06/29/2022)
beauty and the beast
Beauty And The Beast (06/22/2022 blu-ray)
a taste of honey
A Taste Of Honey (06/15/2022 hbo max)
last night in soho
Last Night In Soho (06/15/2022)
halloween 2018
Halloween 2018 (06/01/2022)
marillion: the final straw
Marillion: The Final Straw (05/29/2022 blu-ray)
Cube (05/25/2022 blu-ray)
marillion: sackcloth & greasepaint
Outbreak (05/17/2022 hbo max)
the man who planted trees
The Man Who Planted Trees (05/10/2022 dvd)
under pressure: making the abyss
the abyss
The Abyss (05/04/2022 blu-ray)
the matrix: revolutions
The Matrix: Revolutions (04/25/2022 blu-ray)
the matrix: reloaded
The Matrix: Reloaded (04/23/2022 blu-ray)
empire of the sun
Empire Of The Sun (04/22/2022 blu-ray)
when we were bullies
When We Were Bullies (04/14/2022 hbo max)
Inception (04/01/2022 blu-ray)
alien: covenant
Alien: Covenant (03/25/2022 blu-ray)
Prometheus (03/15/2022 blu-ray)
Flee (03/13/2022 hulu)
Annihilation (03/09/2022 paramount+)
the founder
The Founder (03/09/2022 netflix)
funny games
Funny Games (02/16/2022)
paths of glory
Paths Of Glory (02/09/2022 blu-ray)
breaker morant
Breaker Morant (02/02/2022 hbo max)
the front
The Front (01/31/2022 amazon prime)
uncut gems
Uncut Gems (01/27/2022 netflix)
Aniara (01/26/2022 hulu)
fear street part one: 1994
Fear Street Part One: 1994 (01/21/2022 netflix)
Oxygen (01/21/2022 netflix)
Bedazzled (01/19/2022)
Stowaway (01/12/2022 netflix)
the new world
The New World (01/12/2022 blu-ray)
first man
First Man (01/11/2022)
Charade (01/05/2022 amazon prime)
Video games Bryan is currently playing:
stardew valley
Video games Bryan recently played:
Stray (finished on Steam Deck on 09/08/2022)
aperture desk job
Aperture Desk Job (finished on Steam Deck on 07/17/2022)
Bryan's past film projects:
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